2020/2021 Service Definition

Technical Support Visits for Curriculum Networks

About the Service

The Technical Support Visits for Curriculum Networks service provides schools with 'Scheduled' visits by a skilled ICT Technician and includes an option of the Curriculum Network Remote Support add-on service in-between the Technician visits to provide reactive support.

What are the benefits?

The service helps ensure:

  • Your school's curriculum ICT systems and infrastructure are proactively and reactively maintained without having to hire your own ICT staff.
  • That day-to-day tasks required to ensure ICT systems remain operational and reliable are addressed.
  • Your school ensures they maintain an appropriate level of ICT support onsite. The service can cater for the smallest of schools, up to large primary and special schools.
  • Assurance that on-site technicians are multi-skilled with experience in server management, client hardware, software installation and network troubleshooting.
  • In addition, the technicians have an escalation route to third line Support Engineers within our team of technical staff, who specialise in specific areas of technology if required. This enables your School to benefit from a wide range of ICT skills, enhancing the skills offered by the technician yet providing you with a cost effective support service.
  • All our Technicians are DBS cleared.

We also offer the following upgrade options:

  • Upgrade your support to one of our Engineers, to benefit from their additional specialist skills and experience (limited availability, first come first served).