2020/2021 Service Definition

Groupcall Messenger (Schools' Texting Service)

About the Service

Groupcall Messenger is a third party software package that allows schools to send text, voice, tweets, push notifications and email messages to parents, staff or other contacts for a subscription fee. It synchronises data from your SIMS MIS system, ensuring you can target messages to contacts in SIMS.

The service also includes the Xpressions App for parents, allowing parents to receive and view information directly on their mobile phones (Apple iOS and Android smart phones), saving your school money on text fees.

Groupcall Messenger has been independently proven to help reduce truancy in schools. It improves communications between school and parents and reduces administration time and the costs of sending out communications to parents.

What are the benefits?

  • Rapid Contact In Event of an Emergency 

Groupcall Messenger enables schools to contact large groups of parents via text, voice, email and Twitter in a matter of seconds even when access to the school office is restricted. In addition, you also have the option to send messages at a scheduled date / time.

  • Improves the Safety and Security of Pupils 

By alerting parents early to a child's absence and confirming if it is genuine.

  • Provides Cost Effective Routine Communication 

Whether it's "school closed due to snow"; "the football match is cancelled" or "don't forget its parents' evening tomorrow", Groupcall enables schools to contact large groups of parents quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

  • Translation Capabilities 

Groupcall Messenger can improve communication with non-English speaking families, as it automatically translates to and from over 100 different languages. It helps ensure all parents and carers, regardless of their mother tongue are included in school communication.

  • Keeps Kids in School 

Groupcall Messenger has been shown to reduce truancy by almost 30% in some authorities and by more than 50% in some individual schools.

  • Reduces Time Spent by Administration Staff

 Groupcall Messenger reads information direct from the school's management system (MIS) and, by automatically sending messages, avoids staff making potentially time-consuming calls manually.

  • Cuts School Bills 

The cost of sending voice or SMS messages sent to mobiles and landlines dramatically cuts down time spent on the phone.

  • Taking Data Security Seriously 

Groupcall Messenger conforms to EU data protection requirements and is 100% web-based with a simple user interface. Groupcall are accredited with ISO27001 and ISO9001 ensuring they adhere to appropriate policies for securing and handling schools data.


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