2020/2021 Service Definition

Schools Website Service

About the Service

BT Lancashire Services provides schools with a school website hosting and management service, which includes the use of a Content Management System (CMS).

This service provides schools with an easy to use option for creating their own website. The inclusive content management system enables you to edit information, ensuring you can quickly publish information to parents, carers and pupils. It also ensures that external agencies, such as Ofsted, can access essential information on your school ensuring you can easily meet your statutory obligations under The School Information (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2012 to publish information online about your school. 

Working together with PrimarySite Ltd, BT Lancashire Services are launching their new School Websites service in Spring 2020. PrimarySite are the leading supplier of school websites across the UK, currently working with over 4,600 nurseries, schools & trusts, and have a background rooted in education. They have continually invested in design innovation and their bespoke website updating system. The content management system is considered to be the most intuitive and easy to use system available. 

The new service brings a new modern, fully featured and easy to use Content Management System based on a popular service developed for specifically for schools. It has cloud hosting in UK Data Centres. It is a modern and secure service. It is quick and easy to make updates to your website.

BTLS have commissioned a number of templates that schools can choose from. These templates can be customised for each school to reflect your identity and values. However, if these templates do not meet your needs, then a bespoke designed website can be purchased at additional cost.

Schools can also purchase a photographer to take high quality photographs for the website. If your school logo needs a redesign or upgrading to a higher quality for the website, this can also be requested at additional cost.

What are the benefits?

  • Helps ensure your school meets the Ofsted requirements for publishing specific information in the public domain. Further guidance can be found at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/what-maintained-schools-must-publish-online
  • Easily keep your own website up to date, without paying extra charges for updating information.
  • Simple to use content management system, provides a range of easy to use editing tools.
  • Easy to use - no web design skills required.
  • Offers schools a cost effective solution.
  • Our website service is supported by our Domain Name Registration and DNS Management Service and ensures your ".sch.uk" domain name can be used for your website as well as your other online services.

What's Included?

Service Features

Feature Description

Content Management System

The service includes:

  • Access to a choice of template layouts designed especially for schools using the service.
  • Administrator access so your school can manage its own website, via an inclusive Content Management System.
  • Easy to use features and editor, with colour pickers and formatting tools which make website production as easy as word processing.
  • Ability to upload school logos, change colours to suit your school brand and personalize content.
  • Allows the uploading of documents and images including photo gallery.
  • Responsive designs can be viewed on a variety of platforms e.g. tablets and computers.

Migration Support

The cost effective installation fees provide support from PrimarySite to:

  • Setup your template and the required pages
  • Transfer to their cloud hosted service
  • Help with migrating content to your new website (includes all essential content and any material up to 12 months old).
  • Initial telephone support/training to get you started
Bespoke Design Options
Additional options are available for schools seeking a bespoke design, professional photography package or their logo to be redrawn. 


Secure website hosting for your website is included as part of the service. PrimarySite servers are hosted at UK data centres, primarily at Google in London but with backups and microservices hosted at Bytemark and Digital Ocean, also in the UK. AWS currently hosts static files in Dublin which is a GDPR approved service.

Support Features

Support Description

Administration and Service Management

Your website can be administered by you via the Content Management System, with support from PrimarySite and BT Lancashire Services.

Support from PrimarySite Ltd.

Operational from 8am to 5:30pm (Monday – Friday excluding Bank Holidays).

Support from BT Lancashire Services ICT Service Centre

Operational from 8am to 6pm (Monday – Friday excluding Bank Holidays and statutory leave days), with escalation routes ensuring that if your school does experience problems with the service that our staff are focused on solving your issues.