2021/2022 Service Definition

Domain Name Registration & Domain Name Service (DNS) Management

About the Service

Lancashire County Council Education Digital Services provide a fully managed service for all aspects of Domain Name Registration and DNS Management for your School's external domain name.

Domain names and DNS entries are needed for any service that schools want to present to or receive from the internet e.g. websites, email and remote access services. The Domain Name Registration and Domain Name Service (DNS) Management service is responsible for translating the website URL name into the IP addresses required to use internet services.

What are the benefits?

The service is fully managed which means that all changes will be carried out by our trained engineers and you will have access to experts to offer advice and answer questions you may have regarding your school's Domain Name(s).

What's Included?

Service Features

Feature Description

Domain Name Registration

Registration/transfers of your school's domain names including all ".sch.uk" domains.

Management of domain names which have been registered by or transferred to Lancashire County Council Education Digital Services, including:

  • WHOIS records
  • Name servers

DNS Management

DNS records will be hosted centrally on our resilient Name Server infrastructure. Unlimited number of DNS entries for your domain names.


  • The service is fully managed and all administration is done by trained engineers. The service includes managing any complaints from a Third Party as a result of problems generating from your domain e.g. claims related to spam, phishing or abuse activity.
  • In the event of such a complaint, we will aim to respond within five working days with details of action to be taken and the expected resolution time.
  • The service also ensures that requirements from Nominet for .sch.uk domains in Whois records are maintained.

IP to Hostname mapping and hostname to IP mapping 

  • Resolution of both IP addresses and hostnames for the domain names managed by us.

MX Records

  • We will also manage your domain name MX records to specify the mail server that is responsible for accepting email messages on behalf of your domain.