2022/2023 Service Definition

Remote Desktop Access (SGD)

About the Service

This service will allow teachers and administration staff to access school resources from home, in a safe and secure manner. 

Our Remote Desktop Access (SGD) service is included in our Broadband and Online Services Bundle. As our broadband connections form part of the CLEO Secure Schools' network, our Remote Desktop Access (SGD) service is provided for when your school staff need to remotely access information on your school's network. The Remote Desktop Access (SGD) service facilitates a secure connection, using a web browser from a remote or home location to your school network desktop or Remote Desktop Services (RDS) server. 

Headteachers and teaching staff find this service invaluable in providing access to files, applications or data when away from school, allowing greater flexibility for staff to work from home or other locations. Typically, school staff use this service to access SIMS from home.

What are the benefits?

  • Data remains in school, removing the need to carry portable hard drives, CDs or USB pen drives containing potentially sensitive data.
  • All data transmitted via the internet uses as a minimum 128bit encryption. New operating systems and browsers using the latest patches and updates may use higher levels of encryption.
  • Remote Desktop Access can form part of your data protection and GDPR strategy to avoid sensitive data being stored on laptops and personal devices, as all data remains securely stored on your school network.
  • Increases productivity and flexibility by allowing staff access to the school's systems out of standard hours or during school holidays. This service has proved invaluable to school staff throughout the coronavirus pandemic.

What's Included?

Service Features

Feature Description

Remote Desktop Access Service 

The Remote Desktop Access service provides a secure connection using your web browser, from a remote or home location, to your school network desktop or Remote Desktop Services server. It uses Oracle's Secure Global Desktop (SGD) application to provide the service. 


A customer user guide is available from the support area of our website. It explains how to use remote desktop access and how to setup computers at a school to be available for remote desktop access. 


Remote Desktop Access Service is a centralised service provided by Lancashire County Council Education Digital Services. We maintain user accounts and add school computer IP addresses to SGD. 


Customers login to SGD with their own personal SGD user account and password, they are then able to connect to a school computer for which they are required to enter their school network account. The connection to SGD is encrypted, including the username and password.