2021/2022 Service Definition

Back-up Internet Connections

About the Service

Our Back-up Internet Connection service provides continuity in the event of a failure of your main internet connection. A variety of different bandwidth options are available including our Superfast Broadband for Schools, Ultrafast Broadband for Schools, radio or fibre connections.

Each provides a second connection as a back-up to your school's main broadband connection. This service is similar to our broadband services and is offered as a managed service with full support.

Many of the services schools use on a daily basis are moving to cloud and online solutions. A back-up internet connection provides peace of mind and ensures access to the internet and online resources is not disrupted in the event of a failure to the schools primary internet connection.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduction in potential downtime if the school's main internet connection fails.
  • Increased availability of your school's critical systems that use the internet.
  • Options to add increasing levels of resilience and reductions to potential single point of failure, subject to budget available.

What's Included?

Service Features

Feature Description Options

Back-up Internet Connection

Our back-up connections are offered at a range of bandwidths, like the main connections that we offer. (If you choose a lower speed than your main feed, your service may be degraded while running on the back-up connection compared to normal operation.)

  • Additional internet connection for your school, with options based on a range of technical solutions.
  • Reduce the risk of total internet failure
  • Reduce the risk to your school's critical systems that use the internet.

Please refer to the broadband options listed within our Broadband and Online Services Bundle service definition for a list of all possible connectivity options. Any of our Broadband Options can be requested to be provided as a back-up connection. 

All options subject to survey, design and geographical availability.

Back-up Router

  • A second router to act as a failover to the primary.
  • A second router is recommended to remove a single point of failure at the router.
  • Can be installed within the existing comms cabinet (space permitting) or an alternative cabinet on-site.
  • Can be installed at another site or building along with the back-up connection for enhanced resilience.