2022/2023 Service Definition

Back-up Internet Connections

About the Service

Many of the services schools use on a daily basis are now online solutions or delivered from the cloud. Whilst failure of your primary broadband connection is rare, the disruption to your school of having lost its internet connection can be huge. A back-up internet connection provides peace of mind and ensures access to the internet and online resources is not disrupted in the event of a failure to your school's primary internet connection.

Our Back-up Internet Connection service provides continuity in the event of a failure of your main internet connection. A variety of different bandwidth options are available including our Superfast Broadband for Schools, Ultrafast Broadband for Schools, radio or fibre connections.

Each provides a second connection as a back-up to your school's main broadband connection. This service is similar to our broadband services and is offered as a managed service with full support.

What are the benefits?

  • Reduction in downtime, should the school's main internet connection fail, ensuring disruption to teaching and learning is kept to a minimum.
  • Increased availability of your school's critical systems that use the internet E.g. Office 365
  • Options to add increasing levels of resilience and reductions to potential single point of failure, subject to budget availability.

What's Included?

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Back-up Internet


Our back-up connections are offered at a range of bandwidths, similar to the main connections that we offer. (If you choose a lower speed than your main feed, your service may be degraded while running on the back-up connection. 

  • Additional internet connection for your school, with options based on a range of technical solutions.
  • Reduces the risk of total internet failure
  • Reduces the risk to your school's critical systems that use the internet.

Please refer to the broadband options listed within our Broadband and Online Services Bundle service definition for a list of all possible connectivity options. Any of our broadband options can be requested to be provided as a back-up connection.

All options subject to survey,
design and geographical availability.

Back-up Router Option

  • A second router to act as a failover to the primary.
  • A second router is recommended to remove the router as a single point of failure
  • Can be installed within the existing comms cabinet (space permitting) or an alternative cabinet on-site.
  • Can be installed at another site or building along with the back-up connection for enhanced resilience.

Site Survey

  • Our desk-based surveys are free of charge.
  • An on-site survey may also be required to establish exact routings and confirm whether any Third-Party excess construction charges would apply in addition to our standard installation charges, this would be established when we receive your order. (On-site surveys are chargeable.)

Installation and Setup

  • Education Digital Services will appoint a project manager to ensure the installation of your backup connection is correctly delivered.
  • Installation is subject to lead times and installation charges.