2022/2023 Service Definition

ParentPay (e-Payments and Income Management)

About the Service

ParentPay® is a web based service for schools which enables parents to make secure online payments by credit and debit card, or pay cash at local stores through the PayPoint network. 

Schools can take payments for any items including dinner money, trips, activities or school uniform. It enables income management, reducing cash handling and improving cash flow. Over 9,000 schools and almost three million parents now use ParentPay for electronic payments. In Lancashire, over 200 schools have adopted ParentPay for taking e-payments.

What are the benefits?

 ParentPay® provides:

  • One place for parents to pay for all of their school expenses.
  • Reduction in cash handling, allowing your school to accept electronic payments from parents, including payment via Visa Checkout and Bank Transfer.
  • Improved debt management and cash flow for your school.
  • The ability to manage dinner money and school meals in Primary schools.
  • Ability to take payments for different items such as trips, uniforms and other income.
  • Multiple bank accounts can be set up including the LA, school fund and PTA for example, and income will be automatically settled to the relevant bank account, enabling a single checkout process for parents even when paying across different schools.
  • The ability to integrate with Cashless Catering systems, SIMS and other MIS software.
  • For Lancashire maintained schools, ParentPay integrates with the central schools bank account and was implemented with the support of the Lancashire Schools Finance Team.
  • Training is provided by ParentPay during the implementation process and includes access to a specialist adviser and online training.
  • Free Termly User Groups with ParentPay held either online or at a Lancashire venue, for subscribing schools. An opportunity to learn about the latest developments and ask questions about features of the service. (Demo sessions are available for any school
  • Ongoing support is provided by ParentPay.
  • The service is hosted in the United Kingdom.

What's Included?

Service Features

The following features are included in the service:

Feature Description

ParentPay® E-Payments and Income Management

ParentPay® system provides a total income management solution for schools. With ParentPay® schools can:

  • Collect all school payments: trips, visits, music lessons, clubs and uniform.
  • Ability to collect Consent Only or free of charge items.
  • Record all school payments: credit/debit cards, PayPoint, cash and cheques

Manage all school payments: reporting, banking, reconciliation and auditing.

Web Based Service

ParentPay® is only available through the web and accessed via a web browser. The application is not installed onto individual desktop PCs or accessed remotely via an Application Server.

 Online Reports
  • Schools can keep track of what parents pay and outstanding amounts. Real-time reports can be viewed on screen, printed or exported into Excel to import data into your school finance system.
  • Income reports for schools will help the school keep control of its income collection and create detailed reports for school staff, governors and external auditors.
  • Online reports ensure schools will save time and ensure accurate records of school payments are always available with a complete audit trail of all payments made.

Your school can create detailed reports to show individual school payments for any pupil, income type or date range. They can be split by bank account or cost centre to make bank reconciliation easier.

Multiple Bank Accounts

ParentPay® supports payments into multiple bank accounts.

  • For Lancashire schools who bank through the Local Authority, ParentPay has been pre-configured with Lancashire County Council banking details.
  • Back office integration with Oracle Financials has been enabled for Lancashire County Council School Finance Team.
Integration with Cashless Catering Services

ParentPay® integrates with most Cashless Catering systems, allowing parents to view meal choices and menu options (additional integration charges may apply from Cashless Catering companies).

Integration with SIMS

This service integrates with SIMS by importing pupil data directly into ParentPay®.

Parent Communications

ParentPay® has integrated emailing capabilities to email messages to parents, or schools can purchase texts to use the in-built texting service.


The ParentPay® Collection Service is designed to ensure that schools do not require their own Merchant account for online sales. ParentPay® is certified PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant by Trustwave and sponsored by Lloyds Bank Cardnet. All data is hosted in the United Kingdom.