Implementing Our Strategy Themes

Implementing the Strategy Themes

The services that Education Digital Services provide to schools and academies, whether procured or provided directly by our staff, are designed to meet the needs of schools; to be highly reliable and fit for purpose in the increasingly demanding technology environment schools are operating in. As such we will work with schools and suppliers to apply due diligence to ensuring the services we provide can be trusted by schools.

Throughout the period of this Strategic Plan we will review the success of the implementation of the strategic themes against the current operating environment in schools, aiming to be responsive to schools' and academies' needs in their development and delivery.

Our approach to our strategy will ensure that:

  • The services offered by Education Digital Services are applicable to all Schools and Academies and that its portfolio of services is aligned with its Guiding Principles and the Lancashire County Council Corporate Priorities.
  • Education Digital Services is positioned to support growth in support services for all schools over the next five years, including as they embark on conversion to Academy status.
  • Education Digital Services will provide high quality, trusted services at competitive prices.
  • Education Digital Services will actively engage with Lancashire County Council's emerging commercialisation strategy (part of the council's Programmes of Improvement and Change), specifically in the context of services that trade with schools.
  • All Education Digital Services trading activity applies the principles of cost plus outlined in the Lancashire County Council Fees and Charging Policy. 

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