SIMS Training Courses

From January 2024 Education Digital Services will become the SIMS training team for Lancashire schools. We also offer SIMS training services to schools outside of Lancashire.

For SIMS to make a real difference to your school, you need to understand everything it can do for you. Our dedicated team of SIMS experts have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the education sector, across a variety of school settings. 

We offer a wide range of SIMS training courses designed to help your school use SIMS effectively and to ensure staff within your school have the necessary skills to undertake their role confidently. 

Introduction to SIMS

Getting started with SIMS

The course is aimed at new users of SIMS in the school office, new recruits or staff with new responsibilities in school.


Cover Management

The course is aimed at staff involved in the cover process.

Examinations Organiser

Exams - Results Phase

This course is for Exam Officers responsible for handling external examination results.

Finance (FMS)

Finance 6 - The Basics

Get up to speed on the daily tasks within Finance 6.

Finance 6 Overview for Senior Leaders – Primary

Primary headteachers and senior leaders. This course provides an overview of SIMS Finance 6 and the option to remote into your school data.

Finance 6 - Budget Management

This half-day course explores the budget management functionality present within Finance 6 and explains how to use this functionality to actively manage the school budget.

Close of the Financial Year

This course is aimed at existing FMS users involved with the financial year-end.

Nova T6

Nova T Basics/Academic Management (1 day only)

This course is for staff responsible for constructing and maintaining the timetable and with some prior knowledge of timetable principles. The aim of the course is for staff to learn how to use Nova T to produce the school timetable.


Standard Reporting in SIMS

Learn how to respond to requests for information efficiently, including reports, making your school processes more streamlined.

If the training you are looking for is not listed, please email with your details. A member of the School Applications Team will contact you directly to discuss your requirements.

More training events will be announced soon via the Lancashire Schools' Portal and our website, so keep a look out for the details!