Redstor - Office 365 Backup

School Staff - Backup your Office 365 Data

Here at Lancashire County Council Education Digital Services, we understand how important it is for you to keep your school's important data safe and secure. Our Remote Data Backup (RBUSS) service is based on Redstor's RBUSS and is a secure, cloud-hosted backup service suitable for all schools with options to protect both administration and curriculum data, as well as business critical information in SIMS and FMS.

This service provides schools with an option for backing up data stored in your school's Microsoft 365 tenancy.

What are the benefits?

As schools move towards the use of cloud technologies, where their data is stored will move from local computers and servers in school to the cloud. Cloud services such as Office 365 are really good at making your data accessible, secure and highly available but they do not provide sufficient backups. This is where the new Redstor Office 365 backup service comes in, providing backup for your critical data in Office 365.

Recover files quickly and easily
Data outages can happen at any moment, staff need access to critical data at all times. With Redstor’s backup, we will be able to recover your files and data.

Data protection from cyber threats
With the rise of data breaches and cyber-attacks, the DfE and NCSC have issued guidance on meeting digital and technology standards to stay protected. Redstor’s reliable backup solution is designed to outsmart cyber threats by automatically detecting and quarantining suspicious files.

Protection from ransomware
Redstor’s immutability protects your backups from ransomware and other attacks, to support keeping your data safe.

Experience outstanding flexibility
Redstor provides adaptibility to meet your organisational needs. The cloud-first approach means that zero hardware is needed. Infinite scalability allows you to scale up and add users to the service to meet growing business needs.

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