2023/2024 Service Definition

Broadband & Online Services Bundle

About the Service 

Our Broadband and Online Services bundle provides a range of essential features, including firewalls, filtering and email to support your school with safe, reliable and trusted broadband and related services.

Our broadband network has been helping to protect pupils' online learning for over 20 years and our continued investment has ensured schools can benefit from increased bandwidth options and security features. Once connected you will become a part of our private network which provides best in class educational security and filtering as standard. 

The CLEO broadband network is operated by Lancashire County Council and has multiple redundant connections to the internet, including through the UK Universities (JANET) network which helps ensure that schools' broadband is robust and reliable. JANET also interconnects with other regional schools' networks across the UK to form The National Education Network (The NEN).


What are the benefits?

  • Fully managed broadband service including all configuration and security, makes managing your school's internet access safer and easier. Helps ensure your school meets the standards expected for data security under GDPR.
  • A range of bandwidths up to 1Gbps, means there are options to suit all schools.
  • Highly resilient network with multiple data centres and connections to the JANET network and internet with filtering and firewalls to ensure schools are able to access the internet and cloud-based services, such as Microsoft Office 365 and cloud telephony, securely and reliably.
  • Inclusive Netsweeper school web filtering, which can be customised locally to your school's needs, helps ensure your school meets the online safeguarding requirements expected by Ofsted.
  • Inclusive Netsweeper Safeguarding, Monitoring and Alerting functionality included (new from 2023-24) to help schools meet the safeguarding requirements of online learning as described in the DfE "Keeping Children Safe In Education 2022".
  • Inclusive firewalls, gateways and security features which provide a balance between safety and security, including DDoS protection, while allowing access to educational resources.
  • Reassurance, that in the event of external attack, both our network security experts and the JANET (JISC) CSIRT service are there to help protect your school. Our experts communicate directly with JANET CSIRT on your behalf, in the event that their Cyber Security specialists identify a cyber-security incident affecting the network or your school's broadband connection.
  • Ability to support Multi-Academy Trusts with a requirement for school WAN/interconnectivity.
  • All hardware included, with no extra charges for fault resolution callouts or hardware replacement in the event of a failure.
  • Emergency 4G Backup service, in the unlikely event we cannot resolve a circuit fault quickly we will provide a temporary 4G connection whilst the fault is rectified.
  • All supported by our field engineers and ICT Service Centre, centrally located in Lancashire.


What's Included?

Broadband Options Available:

Our standard options for schools who are ready to go with Full-Fibre connectivity are as follows:

GigaFast Fibre
  • New for 2023-2024
  • This is our default service for Primary, Nursery, Special and Short-Stay Schools.
  • This service is a full fibre solution, ensuring fibre connectivity right to your school building.
  • New managed service enterprise grade gigabit capable router provided as part of new connection.

Our GigaFast Fibre offering is our fastest ever dedicated offering for primary schools and is based on the gigabit capable Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP), sometimes referred to as 'full fibre'. Our offering exceeds the DfE recommended bandwidth for a primary school, providing an average speed of 900Mbps download, and 100Mbps upload.

We will be offering existing Primary, Nursery, Special and Short-Stay School customers a free upgrade to GigaFast as soon as it is available! 8
GigaFibre One
  • New for 2023-2024
  • This is our default service for Secondary schools.
  • This service is for a dedicated leased or dark fibre optic cable right to your school building.
  • New managed service enterprise grade gigabit capable router provided as part of new connection.

Our GigaFibre One offering is perfect for secondary schools and meets the DfE bandwidth requirement. It is based on a 1Gbps leased fibre or dark fibre that can provide an average symmetrical connection exceeding 900Mbps.

We will be offering existing qualifying secondary school customers a free upgrade to this service! 9

We also have a range of other broadband connectivity options available, for those schools who are in areas where GigaFast Fibre and GigaFibre One are not yet available:

Superfast Broadband for Schools
  • This service is based on Fibre-to-the-Cabinet (FTTC)
  • Average speed for Superfast is 62Mbps download / 15Mbps upload.
  • Actual speed will vary depending on distance to the nearest cabinet, some schools are able to receive the maximum speed of 75Mbps download, and 19Mbps upload.
Ultrafast Broadband for Schools
  • This service is based on either Fibre-to-the-Premises (FTTP) or G.Fast (FTTC).
  • Average speed for Ultrafast 160 is 145Mbps download / 27Mbps upload.
  • Average speed for Ultrafast 330 is 300Mbps download / 45Mbps upload.
  • Actual speed when delivered using G.Fast will vary depending on distance to the nearest cabinet, some schools are able to receive the maximum speed of 320Mbps download, and 45Mbps upload.
Fibre 100 Broadband for Schools
  • This service is for a dedicated fibre optic cable right to your school building.
  • Based on a 100Mbps leased fibre or dark fibre that can provide an average symmetrical connection exceeding 90Mbps.
Bespoke, Alternative or Temporary Broadband Connectivity
  • We can provide bespoke broadband options to support the connectivity needs of Multi-Academy Trusts, second sites or schools who reside within a Campus or Multi-Tenanted premises.
  • We can provide alternative broadband connectivity options based on school needs, for example using private fibre, radio, or 4G.
  • We can provide temporary connectivity options, for example to support schools during a disaster, emergency, re-location, or to support a one-off event.

Back-up Broadband Connection Options:

New for 2023-2024
Your broadband subscription is inclusive of our emergency 4G backup service, which will temporarily be installed by our engineer if we are unable to quickly resolve a fibre or copper circuit fault. 10

In addition, for the ultimate piece of mind and reliability, we are also able to offer resilient connectivity to ensure that your school's broadband is highly available with minimal or no disruption in service. Please refer to our separate Back-up Internet Connection service for more information or contact EducationDigitalServices@Lancashire.gov.uk to discuss options.

Service Features

Our Broadband and Online Services bundle includes all the following features. Please refer to the service definition for each feature for further details.

Broadband & Online Service Bundle

Inclusive Feature



  • A variety of broadband technologies providing a range of bandwidths for every school.


CLEO Secure Schools' Network

  • Connection to the CLEO private high-capacity schools network (WAN), providing ISP grade central firewall, DDoS protection, enhanced network security protection for pupils/staff and interconnection to the National Education Network (The NEN) via JANET the Universities network.

Web Filtering (Netsweeper)

  • Includes access to our Netsweeper HTTP and HTTPS filtering system for safe internet access.
  • Includes local control and reporting features that can integrate with your school's Active Directory to tailor filtering to groups.

Monitoring and Alerting

  • New for 2023-2024
  • Includes access to our Netsweeper OnGuard alerting and monitoring, to provide schools with an online activity safeguarding system to monitor pupils' digital usage.
  • Works online and offline, scanning internet content, desktop content, and user-submitted data in real time.


Remote Access Options

  • A range of remote access services essential for remote working.
  • Oracle's Secure Global Desktop delivering staff access to SIMS and other files/applications securely from home.
  • Popular with Head teachers and School Business Managers.

Microsoft Office 365 (Email and Cloud Applications)

Our supported Microsoft 365 Education service, includes the following cloud functionality:

  • Email – Staff and student email including group calendaring.
  • Teams – for communications online.
  • SharePoint online – Staff document repository and collaboration environment including school website.
  • OneDrive Pro – Cloud based storage for staff and students.
  • Microsoft Office Web Apps – Basic Office functionality using Office Web Applications.

Anti-Virus and Threat Protection (Sophos Central)

  • Sophos Central is a cloud hosted security suite that provides schools access to modern security tools and protection.
  • Your bundle includes server and client licences for Sophos Central Endpoint InterceptX protection.

Domain Name Registration & DNS management

  • A fully managed service for all aspects of Domain Name Registration and DNS Management for your School's external domain name.

Content Resources for Teachers

  • As a NEN connected School you also benefit from free access to a wide range of NEN resources developed by other Regional Broadband Consortia and Local Authorities. Visit www.nen.gov.uk for full list of available resources.
  • Your broadband connection also provides access to JANET peering that provides dedicated access for CLEO connected schools to Microsoft EU, Google and the BBC.

Engineer Support & Hardware Replacement

  • Our broadband service includes support from specialist field engineers for fast response to faults. Most of our broadband faults are resolved in less than two hours, often without a site visit.
  • Should this be required, your broadband service includes free on-site visits and free replacement of your broadband hardware in the event of failure.
  • Includes emergency 4G backup, which if possible, will be temporarily installed if we are unable to quickly resolve a fault.


ICT Service Centre

  • Our ICT Service Centre service provides telephone and online fault reporting and is operational from 8am to 5pm (Monday – Friday excluding Bank Holidays and statutory leave days).
  • The service includes full escalation routes ensuring, that if your school does experience problems with the service, that our staff are focused on solving your issues.