2022/2023 Service Definition

Remote Data Backup (RBUSS)

About the Service

Our Remote Data Backup (RBUSS) service is based on Redstor's RBUSS and is a secure, cloud-hosted backup service suitable for all schools with options to protect both administration and curriculum data.

As well as being used to backup business critical information in SIMS and FMS (to help meet the Schools Financial Value Standard SFVS), it can also be used to back up all admin files, curriculum data or any chosen files or folders.

What are the benefits?

  • The service enables your school to protect important sensitive data using a secure, encrypted, automatic and cost-effective off-site backup service.
  • It helps your school comply with its obligations under the Data Protection Act, GDPR and comply with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) best practice guidance.
  • No backup hardware is needed on-site, so no more worrying about retrieving data from tapes or whether your backup data is reliable and secure – it removes the requirement to purchase, manage and maintain local backup solutions.
  • Quick and easy data recovery is built in for excellent disaster recovery and business continuity.
  • If your school is using a locally installed ESS SIMS system, this is currently the only ESS approved service for backing up SIMS data.
  • The RBUSS service automatically carries out daily backups of your school's data via a ESS SIMS approved backup service. Redstor, the providers of RBUSS, are certified to ISO27001 and ISO9001 standards.
  • Backups are encrypted before leaving school and are securely transferred and stored in two separate UK-based data centres, providing security and recoverability of critical school data.
  • RBUSS is monitored daily by Lancashire County Council Education Digital Services, with reports indicating success or failure of scheduled backups checked by our ICT Service Centre to ensure smooth running of the backup service.

What's Included?

Service Features

Feature Description

Remote Backup

  • Provision and configuration of software to enable a daily Remote Backup including ESS SIMS, Finance FMS, selection of standard files and folders, etc. The software can be installed and configured on the school's curriculum server, administration servers and PCs, dependent on the individual school's need.

Offsite Backup Storage

  • Schools can choose from a range of bandings to match the amount of data they wish to backup.
  • All data is encrypted in transit to and from your school ensuring maximum protection for your sensitive data.
  • Encrypted backup data is stored in dual UK based data centres providing your school with secure off-site backups. 

Data Recovery

Data can be recovered on request from:

  • Every daily backup from this month
  • Every daily backup from last month
  • Last backup of the previous two months


  • RBUSS is monitored daily, with reports created indicating success or failure of scheduled backups.
  • Incidents are logged for failures and schools are contacted to advise them of the failure and the issues are resolved, where possible, at first contact.

Remote Backup (RBUSS) Service Options 

We currently offer two Remote Backup (RBUSS) options in a variety of data backup storage capacities:

  • Whole School Backup (can backup data on multiple servers or desktops)
  • Administration/ SIMS Server Backup (can backup data on a single SIMS server)

From April 2022 we are offering two different options as to how the data backup is configured and supported on each (see Support options and new Price table below):

  • Selective Backup
  • Full System Backup
Option Storage Capacity Details

Whole School Backup Option


Storage available:

  • 300GB
  • 400GB
  • 500GB
  • 750GB
  • 1TB
  • 1.5TB
  • 2TB
  • 2.5TB
  • 3TB
  • 3.5TB
  • 4TB
  • This is our recommended option as it provides schools with the ability to backup data on multiple servers or desktops.
  • This option can also be configured to provide secure remote backup of data on key staff e.g. Headteacher, Safeguarding lead etc, laptops and computers.
  • This service provides unlimited server licences enabling schools to backup multiple servers and data. Each device will require installation of the RBUSS ESE client.
  • Larger data backup capacities available on request (see Prices table).

/ SIMS Server
Backup Options
(50GB ‐ 100GB)

Storage available:

  • 50GB
  • 75GB
  • 100GB 
  • This option includes a single server licence.
  • Most schools require approximately 50GB to back up SIMS data only.
NB: From the 1 April 2022 the 50GB option will be our smallest offering. Schools previously on 25GB option will be increased to 50GB and the annual charge amended.

Data Backup Support Options:

Option Description

Selective Backup (being phased out)

This is our current support model. Your backup will be configured by default to:

  • Back up the system state (servers only) and SIMS data only;
  • Plus a standard selection of folders and the files they contain, to ensure additional important user data that the school needs is backed up. Please see specification table for the default list of locations that will be backed up.
NB: Please note that we aim to phase out use of the Selective Backup support option over the next year, in favour of the Full System Backup support option.

Full System Backup

From April 2022 we will also offer Full System Backup. This industry standard approach ensures that in the event of a complete server loss or hardware failure, or in the event of a ransomware attack, that all data on whichever device is being backed up can be restored.

This support model aims to help schools meet the current advice from the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to ensure full backups of all essential data making restoration after cyber-attack easier. This model provides:

  • Full System Backup
  • Includes system state backup (servers only)
  • Includes SIMS data backup (SIMS servers only)

This service is more cost effective for schools against any given data storage size as we are passing on the reduced cost of supporting this model, however in most instances schools will require a larger backup data storage option to meet their current needs.

Please contact our Business Relationship Managers to discuss the size your school will require. EducationDigitalServices@Lancashire.gov.uk