2024/2025 Service Definition

SIMS Lesson Monitor (Lesson Registration)

About the Service

SIMS Lesson Monitor is an optional licensed module for SIMS that provides an integrated classroom and administration tool to monitor students' attendance and behaviour.

With Lesson Monitor, your school can help reduce truancy while monitoring behaviour trends in the classroom, ensuring early intervention where necessary.

Lesson Monitor in secondary schools can be used to record both statutory registration and lesson attendance.

Senior leaders, Heads of Year, and teachers can quickly monitor students’ attendance in every class.

What are the benefits?

  • Configurable to meet individual school requirements.
  • Quick recording of attendance registers by teachers in the classroom.
  • Comments and minutes late can be recorded.
  • Compatible with other SIMS products.
  • Integrates with SIMS Parent App as well as partner products, aiding parental communication and engagement.
  • Alerts for missing registers to ensure more accurate and complete records are taken.
  • Enables class teachers to record behaviour and achievement incidents straight from the register. This saves teachers valuable time in the classroom and encourages them to record this information.
  • Full range of reports on both individual and group attendance. You can also create mail merge letter to send home to parents.
  • Reports for specific absences – First day absences, post-registration absences, selected students' absences or where whole families are absent at the same time.
  • Keep track of your students and improve their attendance – a key factor in helping students achieve the best grades they can.
  • Extra columns on the Take Register screen give you important information about your students including SEN status, their conduct today, and if they have any medical conditions, as well as the ability to view the pupil premium indicator.
  • Take immediate action on unexplained absences. Teachers can view the last ten instances of a lesson, allowing teachers to identify patterns and react quickly before problems escalate.
  • Create letters on attendance to send home, increasing parental awareness of their child’s attendance and in turn increasing parental engagement.

What's Included?

Service Features

Feature Description

Integration with SIMS

SIMS Lesson Monitor builds on the SIMS Attendance module to enable you to record attendance, punctuality, and absence, not just for statutory registration sessions but also for lessons, helping to minimise post-registration truancy.
Setup and Overview Includes installation, setup and a two-hour remote overview for two or three members of staff.
Administration Any upgrades to the SIMS Lesson Monitor module will be managed by SOLUS 3 and included as part of the SIMS upgrades.


An electronic copy of documentation is provided to schools when the service is purchased.