2024/2025 Service Definition

Getting started with SIMS and FMS Consultancy

What is it?

Our Getting Started with SIMS and FMS is a remote consultancy designed to support new business managers and/or administrators in primary schools.

At Education Digital Services, we know that taking a job in the school office is unlike any other, therefore, we have created a new consultancy to meet the needs of such a demanding position. We understand there is so much to do, so much to remember and the time-constraints placed on this very important position. Our consultancy will form the basic framework to guide new staff through the processes and procedures required of them.

Why do I need it?

The versatility of this consultancy will allow new staff to understand SIMS and/or FMS, giving them the confidence to use the system effectively and efficiently.

  • Our SIMS service offering is tailored to meet statutory obligations placed upon your school by the DfE such as School Census, School Workforce Census, Early Years and Key Stage Returns. Alongside this, your staff member will receive an overview of SIMS, showing in brief, the many different areas available which will help school to meet the various demands presented throughout each academic year.
  • Our FMS service offering will be specific to the type of finance in operation at your school, whether you are a Cheque Book School or a Central School. We shall do a walk-through of FMS6 and advise of processes to be in place to meet audit requirements.

What are the benefits?

  • One-to-one support from a SIMS expert to explain demands on a school office.
  • Tailored approach to get the best for your new team member.
  • Service consultancy time allocated at a convenient point in the school day.
  • Time savings - work carried out is done on your school data.

What is included?

  • Three hours of one-to-one support for SIMS
  • Two hours of one-to-one support for FMS
  • A copy of the 'A Life in the Year of SIMS' booklet, to help your new team member build on their knowledge and adopt best practices.

Areas covered in Getting Started with SIMS Consultancy

  • Homepage – How to configure the SIMS Homepage for maximum usability
  • Student area including Links such as Behaviour, Attendance, SEN etc
  • Staff area (depending upon permissions granted in SIMS)
  • Assessment (EYFS, Key Stage, PoS, Discover if available)
  • CTFs/ATFs
  • Pupil Premium Indicator
  • Reporting, including Student lists/class lists area
  • School Census
  • School Workforce Census
  • Year End
  • Quick Search commands
  • Adding / Amending Users

Areas covered in Getting Started with FMS6 Consultancy

  • Adding Suppliers
  • Order, Invoice and Credit Note Processing
  • Cheque and BACS processing in a Cheque Book School
  • Journal Processing
  • Payment Processing in Central Schools
  • Central Reconciliations
  • Budget Management
  • Cash & Bank Reconciliations (Cheque Book schools only)
  • Cost Centre / Ledger Code management
  • Receipting Income
  • Petty Cash Processing
  • Reports
  • Adding / Amending Users


What is excluded?

  • Amendments or new requests for assistance should be commissioned separately.

What does it cost?

Log-in to find out information on our pricing.

Additional information

Is there anything I need in place before I can use this service?

Yes, your school will need to have SIMS or FMS6 operational on a SIMS server hosted within your school.

How many consultancy hours are included as part of this service?

We recommend the number of hours listed above are purchased for this consultancy. Additional hours can be requested and will be charged at our standard Price Band B consultancy rates.