2024/2025 Service Definition

SIMS Assessment Manager Consultancy

What is it?

SIMS Assessment provides schools with a flexible solution to record and report on individual student, and whole school assessment and attainment. Every pupil's progress is tracked and recorded in SIMS.

Teachers can see an individual pupil’s progress historically or live, as they enter their assessments. Quick access to this information helps identify timely interventions to support pupil progress and ways to help pupils achieve more. SIMS assessment is an invaluable tool in helping raise attainment right across your school.

Why do I need it?

Our SIMS Assessment Manager consultancy service is designed to:

  • Enable your school to record, monitor and track every pupil's attainment and progress across the whole school.
  • Assist with the implementation of bespoke requirements to meet the specific needs of your school.
  • Allow you to analyse pupil performance including group analyses (actual versus target) and aspect analyses (specific areas of interest).
  • Assist you in generating professional and appropriate reports for parents.
  • Ensure school staff have the necessary knowledge and skills to maintain the completed pupil tracking system.

What are the benefits?

  • Design and create a bespoke and automated tracking and target-setting system which follows the data principle of 'enter once, use many times'.
  • Use 'traffic light’ colour coding to see whether students are making good progress or falling behind.
  • Once the data is recorded in SIMS Assessment Manager, you can transform your data analysis with SIMS Discover (if purchased) – a powerful SIMS tool with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that enables you and your staff to have an in-depth analysis of student data in a visual format.
  • Demonstrate how Programme of Study in SIMS allows teachers to record attainment based on the National Curriculum subjects and strands.
  • Advise how Programme of Study can be adapted to suit the needs of your school.
  • Create full end of year student reports for parents - automatically compile professional interim student reports based upon grades recorded in SIMS and utilising Microsoft Word functionality.
  • Amendments or new requests for SIMS Consultancy services should be commissioned separately.

What is included?

  • An initial consultation that will provide you with an estimated timescale and cost without obligation to proceed further.
  • Once agreed, designated consultancy slots will be planned in consultation with a named member of the Lancashire County Council Education Digital Services School Applications team.
  • Advice and support will be provided to give school staff the necessary skills to create further required elements of the tracking system between consultancy slots.
  • The tracking system will be completed by the school on its own SIMS management information system.
  • Advice and support will be provided to give the school staff the skills to maintain and adapt the tracking system as required.

What is excluded?

  • Amendments or new requests for SIMS Consultancy services should be commissioned separately.
  • Once the consultancy has been completed, additional support requests will be via our ICT Service Centre My ICT Incidents online form or via telephone on 0300 123 6797 (Option 3).

What does it cost?

Log-in to find out information on our pricing.

Additional information

Is there anything I need to have in place before I use this service?

  • Your school must have SIMS operational on a SIMS server hosted within the school to use this service.
  • School should ensure that the user undertaking the Assessment Manager consultation service has Assessment Manager permissions in SIMS.

How many consultancy hours are included as part of this service?

This is wholly dependent on your school's requirements. A no obligation quote for costs and timescale for delivery are provided following an initial consultation.

Are there any restrictions on this service?

All SIMS consultancies are subject to SIMS consultant availability. This service is offered throughout the academic year.

Please contact EducationDigitalServices@Lancashire.gov.uk to arrange a booking.