2024/2025 Service Definition

SIMS Attendance Data Consultancy

What is it?

Our Attendance Data Consultancy will begin with a focus on how your school are currently tracking and monitoring pupil attendance.

Why do I need it?

We know that each school's student profile is different, and this will impact the type of attendance data which needs to be analysed. We will help you to identify the best analysis methods and help you to build the skills you need to manipulate and interpret that data, using effective analysis tools, allowing you to develop an impactful attendance strategy.

What are the benefits?

  • Provide a structured approach to your attendance strategy, which is driven by data.
  • Save time on attendance administration, so that you can focus on implementing strategies for improvement.
  • Prepare you for working with the Lancashire Attendance Team, so their visits are as useful as possible to you.
  • Allow attendance managers, pastoral managers and heads of year to have impactful conversations with students and parents.
  • Allow senior leaders to have well informed conversations with OFSTED.

What is included?

Our SIMS specialist will:

  • Import a range of SIMS reports to help improve attendance analysis for your school.
  • Provide advice on how to manipulate report data and create what-if scenarios.
  • Provide advice regarding the best tools in SIMS for your school which could include:
    • attendance letter generation
    • custom home pages for attendance tracking
    • SIMS intervention tracking

What is excluded?

  • Amendments or new requests for SIMS Consultancy services should be commissioned separately.
  • Once the consultancy has been completed, additional support requests will be via our ICT Service Centre My Incidents online form or via telephone on 0300 123 6797 (Option 3).

What does it cost?

Log-in to find out information on our pricing.

Additional information

Is there anything I need in place before I can use this service?

Your school must have SIMS operational on a SIMS server hosted within the school to use this service.

How many consultancy hours are included as part of this service?

This is wholly dependent on your school's requirements. A no obligation quote for costs and timescale for delivery are provided following an initial consultation.

Are there any restrictions on this service?

All SIMS consultancies are subject to SIMS consultant availability. This service is offered throughout the academic year.

Education Digital Services are not responsible for the data included in SIMS. Your school needs to ensure you have up-to-date attendance data within SIMS and all relevant attendance marks allocated for all students, ready for the consultancy.