2022/2023 Service Definition

SIMS Behaviour Management Set Up

What is it?

The SIMS Behaviour Management Setup service is designed to assist schools who wish to fully customise the Behaviour Management module in SIMS. This includes Behaviour Management, Achievements, Detentions and Report Cards.

Why do I need it?

A SIMS consultant will remote on to your SIMS system and work with you to complete all the setups required to fully configure the SIMS Behaviour Management module to meet your school's requirements.

  • To record and monitor behaviour and achievement throughout the school.
  • To record and monitor school detentions.
  • To create electronic report cards.
  • To encourage improvement by recording good behaviour and reporting pupils’ achievements to parents when they reach certain milestones.
  • To save time and cost.
  • To access real-time data.

What are the benefits?

  • The Behaviour Management suite is included in your ESS Annual Entitlement so there are no additional costs once the consultancy is complete.
  • Instant access to behaviour incidents to enable early intervention.
  • The ability to analyse patterns of behaviour/achievement throughout the school according to behaviour/achievement type, location, time of day, subject, pupil and teacher.
  • Monitoring of whole school, year group or registration group behaviour and achievement records.
  • Access to student related data such as, attendance, assessments and parental/guardian contact details via Student Teacher View.
  • Helps you to identify problem areas.
  • Analyse behaviour and attendance patterns and link these to performance, ensuring that low-level poor behaviour does not go unnoticed and good behaviour is acknowledged.
  • The ability to send automatic alerts to relevant staff so that they can take immediate action.

What is included?

  • Setting up the Behaviour Types, including "Bullying" Types.
  • Setting up the Achievement Types.
  • Setting up the Detention Types, if required.
  • Creating Report Card Templates, if required.
  • Setting up the Behaviour and Achievement Types for entry through the class registers, if required
  • Editing the Look-up Tables to fully customise the Behaviour Management Module.
  • Advice on best practice for data entry in Behaviour Incidents, Achievements, Detentions, Report Cards.
  • An overview of the SIMS Behaviour Management reporting facilities.
  • Creation of user-defined reports for Behaviour/Achievement monitoring, if required.
  • Advice on how to configure the SIMS homepage to monitor behaviour and achievement for the whole school, year groups, registration groups etc.
  • Advice on how to configure the Student Teacher View to reflect your school's behaviour monitoring policies.

What is excluded?

  • Following sign-off of the service, no further amendments or support for the Behaviour Management module are included. Further issues or queries with the Behaviour Management module should be logged with the ICT Service Centre via our My Incidents Online Reporting form on 0300 123 6797 (option 1).
  • Amendments or new requests for assistance should be commissioned separately.

What does it cost?

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Additional information

Is there anything I need to have in place before I can use this service?

Yes, in order to utilise this service, the school will need to have SIMS operational on a SIMS server hosted within the school.

How many consultancy hours are included as part of this service?

This is dependent on your school's requirements. A no obligation quote for costs and timescale for delivery are provided following an initial consultation.

Are there any restrictions on this service?

All SIMS consultancies are subject to SIMS consultant availability. This service is offered throughout the academic year.

Are training services also available?

Lancashire County Council's Learning and Development Team provide a range of face-to-face training courses at its training centre in Lancashire. These are open to all schools, including those outside Lancashire. Contact skillslearninganddevelopment@lancashire.gov.uk for more information.