2023/2024 Service Definition

SIMS Health Check for Post 16 Return

What is it?

Our SIMS Health Check for Post-16 Return service helps to ensure your data is ready for the Autumn Post-16 Return, and that your system has all the necessary requirements to create a successful Post-16 Return.

Why do I need it?

Our SIMS Health Check for Post-16 Return service helps to ensure your data is ready for the Autumn Post-16 Return.

What are the benefits?

  • Our SIMS consultant helps you to prepare your SIMS data for the Post-16 Return.
  • You can be confident that the correct procedures are being followed.
  • During the service you will receive immediate expert guidance and support, tailored to your specific Post-16 Return.
  • Save time and administration costs.
  • Timely completion of the statutory return.
  • Software issues can be identified and addressed early.

What is included?

  • Check SIMS is on the correct version to complete the return.
  • Check and provide advice on the Post-16 course structure.
  • Update QN data.
  • Link courses to QNs and Exam Awards, restructure Exam Basedata, if required.
  • Check and advise Post-16 Students' course end dates.
  • Check that the appropriate default completion and continuity tolerances are set.
  • Check Leavers' course memberships.
  • Check accuracy of course completion status.
  • Check that the Core Learning Aim has been set for students, where applicable.
  • Check that Post-16 programmes of study information has been recorded.
  • Ensure employment information for Post-16 students has been added (where applicable).
  • Perform a mock return with advice on how to resolve your school's specific errors and queries.
  • Check that Prior Attainment information has been recorded.

What is excluded?

  • Submission to the Local Authority.
  • The school will be required to provide all the relevant data to be included in the Post-16 Return.
  • Following sign-off of the service, no further amendments or support for the Post-16 Return are included. Further issues or queries with the Post-16 Return should be logged with our ICT Service Centre via our My ICT Incidents online reporting form or by telephone 0300 123 6797 (option 3).
  • Amendments or new requests for assistance should be commissioned separately.

What does it cost?

Log-in to find out information on our pricing.

Additional information

Is there anything I need in place before I can use this service?

  • Yes, in order to utilise this service, the school will need to have SIMS operational on a SIMS server hosted within the school.
  • The school must ensure they are on the latest version of SIMS prior to this service being carried out.
  • School should ensure that the user undertaking the Post-16 Health check has Returns Manager and Course Manager Permissions in SIMS.
  • The School Census return and Post-16 elements will need to be checked for accuracy by school staff and officially signed off by the Headteacher prior to submission.
  • Lancashire County Council Education Digital Services will not be responsible for the data included in the return and submitted to the Department for Education (DfE).

How many consultancy hours are included as part of this service?

This is dependent on the school's requirements. A no obligation quote for costs and timescale for delivery are provided following an initial consultation.

Are there any restrictions on this service?

All SIMS consultancies are subject to SIMS consultant availability. This service is available in the period after the SIMS Summer Upgrade has been released to all schools.

Is training available?

No, this is a consultancy-based service only.

How do I book this consultancy?

Please contact EducationDigitalServices@lancashire.gov.uk to arrange a booking.