2021/2022 Service Definition

SIMS Discover (Data Analysis)

About the Service

SIMS Discover allows you to easily analyse pupil data held in SIMS in minutes, saving valuable time. The powerful interface enables the data to be presented in a variety of ways including Venn diagrams, bar charts, pie charts and line graphs, with the ability to drill down into the pupil information, giving you all the details to hand to help make critical decisions. SIMS Discover lets you efficiently monitor pupils and provides evidence to inspectors and governors. It is an ideal analysis tool for senior managers, to interrogate data within SIMS and present data in a highly visual way.

What are the benefits?

  • Identify trends
    SIMS Discover provides you with graphs that show patterns in your data, so that you can quickly identify any growing trends in occurrence of behaviour, attendance and attainment. You can also track trends over time. The SIMS Discover screen allows you to choose from a bank of predefined and customisable graphs and drag them onto the workspace.
  • Track your Pupil Premium Children
    Ensure that you are "closing the gap" with your Pupil Premium children by tracking data trends over time. You can review termly trends over one year or a period of three years.
  • Provide the evidence you need for Ofsted and Governors
    SIMS Discover has a graphical format which makes it easier for you to extract information for inspectors and governors. You can also export or copy your graphs into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, which can be useful for school reports.
  • Transforms pupil data analysis
    SIMS Discover features a user-friendly interface, with 'drag and drop' actions to simplify the challenging area of data analysis for all your staff.
  • Saves time analysing your data and involves all your staff
    Allows staff to access all pupil data easily on one screen, rather than use different software packages and screens and find their own answers to traditionally complex queries.
  • Allows you to identify specific pupils and intervene earlier
    No pupil should go unnoticed.  You can spot patterns and trends, helping you to identify pupils who may previously have slipped under the radar and quickly take appropriate action.

What's Included?

Service Features

The SIMS Discover module includes the following:

Feature Description

Pre-defined graphs

A-Level Examination Graph Definitions, including Achievements by Half Term, Whole School Attendance, Student Bullying Incidents by Type, Whole School graphs and the Student Totals by Key Pastoral Factors.

Find trends and patterns in your pupil data

Monitor 'at risk' groups, assess intervention strategies and allows you to see the whole picture for your data.

Easily create Venn diagrams

By simply clicking and dragging you can create high level queries that show which pupils fall into all three categories.

Simple drag and drop interface

The main SIMS Discover screen allows you to choose from a bank of predefined and customisable graphs and drag them onto the workspace.

Dynamic groups that are always correct

Easily set up dynamic groups of pupils that can be seen throughout SIMS. Simply define your criteria, e.g. less than 80% attendance and more than 50 behaviour points.

The dynamic groups integrate with Assessment Manager and can be used in assessment monitoring and tracking analysis.

Receive automatic alerts

Allows staff to receive alerts on pupils joining or leaving dynamic groups to identify significant changes in student attendance, performance or behaviour.

Compare your data over time

Compare the last three years to spot trends and patterns in your pupil data, monitor at risk groups and assess intervention strategies.

Notes: We recommend the installation of the Discover client on a maximum of five workstations as the software should be seen as an analysis tool for use by Senior Managers.

Additional Information

How do I request this service?

Please either email our Business Relationship Managers at EducationDigitalServices@Lancashire.gov.uk or contact us on 0300-123-6797 Option 2.