2021/2022 Service Definition

SIMS Financial Reporting Suite

About the Service

SIMS Financial Reporting Suite (FRS) is an additional licensed module for SIMS which can be purchased to provide additional functionality for Finance Officers and Business Managers. The module offers enhanced and flexible reporting for the SIMS Financial Management System (FMS) for schools and academies.

Effective financial reporting has never been more important. There is an increased need to share clear financial data with senior leaders and governing bodies. Using graphs to present financial information often makes it easier for non-financial staff to understand the data.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved quality, flexibility and speed of reporting on the data held in SIMS FMS.
  • It allows you to build an accurate picture of the current financial position of your school quickly and easily.
  • SIMS Financial Reporting Suite (FRS) has dynamic links to the current SIMS FMS position (budget, actual and commitments) therefore FRS data is always up-to-date.

What's Included?

Service Features

Feature Description

Enhanced reporting

SIMS Financial Reporting Suite (FRS) provides many new reporting features to FMS users. For example, users have the ability to annotate predicted variations with detailed notes. These can be saved and updated as necessary.

Interpret reports clearly and accurately

Reports are clear and easy to understand and may be presented in both numerical and graphical form to meet the needs of different stakeholders, enabling clear interpretation of the financial position of the school or academy.

Reports for any financial year

Reports can be produced for any financial year in FMS. This enables users to make year on year comparisons, look for trends and compile data for benchmarking purposes.

Drag and drop functionality

Easy to build and tailor new reports using drag and drop columns and conditional formatting.

Additional functionality

Functionality to enter forecasts against each cost centre / ledger code combination. Notes can be added to each cost centre / ledger code combination explaining reasons for variances and recommended actions, saving valuable time when looking back at previous decisions.

Export your reports

Reports can be exported to Excel or PDF, formatted and ready to print.

Tailor your report presentation

User options to tailor the format and presentation of reports.

Flexible Financial Reporting

Data can be filtered by any number and combination of ledger codes, funds and cost centres allowing greater flexibility in tailoring reports.

SIMS Financial Reporting Suite Overview

A short remote demo is included for SIMS Financial Reporting Suite.


The SIMS Financial Reporting Suite will be upgraded with FMS. Details of any updated features will be included in the SIMS release notes.