2024/2025 Service Definition

SIMS Staff Performance

About the Service

SIMS Staff Performance is an additional licensed module in SIMS Personnel.

Ensuring you’re getting the very best out of your teachers is key to the success of any school. Staff who are engaged with their role perform better. SIMS Staff Performance provides senior leadership teams with the tools to effectively manage, monitor and report on the performance of their entire workforce.

Integration with SIMS Personnel allows school leaders to record staff performance quickly and easily alongside training and employment details, and to measure performance against professional standards already held in SIMS - building a complete picture of every member of staff.

It helps you to ensure that all staff are reaching their full potential and contributing towards whole school improvement.

  • Simplifies the performance management of all school staff.
  • Engages staff in their own development.
  • Offers customised documents and user access in line with your school's requirements.
  • Provides a portfolio of evidence for use throughout the appraisal process.
  • Electronic reports provide the instant evidence you need to demonstrate that you’re actively managing staff performance – this is invaluable when it comes to school inspections.

What are the benefits?

  • Senior Leaders have a whole school overview of how staff are performing, with a variety of reports and links to whole school objectives.
  • Teachers drive their own performance by being able to upload evidence towards their objectives and view the outcomes of their own reviews.
  • School business managers can view recommended pay progressions in your school, providing a guide to staff salaries for the following year and allowing them to budget / plan ahead more easily.
  • Instant access to up-to-date information on training, qualifications and other staff data already held in SIMS Personnel.
  • Performance management of both teaching and support staff including multi-employments with a basic record in SIMS Personnel as well as those occupying more than one role.
  • Assessment of members of staff against professional standards or assessment criteria for their role.
  • Pupil data relating to observed lessons is pulled through automatically, removing the need for extra administration during observations.
  • Link individual objectives to whole school priorities.
  • Maintain a portfolio of evidence throughout the appraisal process.
  • Pay recommendations can be recorded during the review.
  • Ability to define what the senior leadership team, line managers, appraisers and the staff member can access on the personnel record.
  • Reporting on staff performance and core areas of the appraisal process.

What's Included?

Service Features

Feature  Description
Appraisal Tools

Appraisal tools which can be customised in line with the way your school works. Objectives, lesson observations, reviews and staff development can be recorded, with the opportunity to assign grades where necessary.

Record CPD

Set up, record and manage staff CPD.
Staff Objectives Record and manage staff objectives.
Staff Observations Record and manage staff observations.
Staff Reviews Records and manage staff reviews.
Staff Performance Reports Record and manage staff performance and create associated reports. Set Appraisers or Reportees as required.
Instant, controllable access to data

Easily find up-to-date information on training, qualifications, and other staff data.

Define access for your senior leadership team, line managers, appraisers and staff, giving each the right permissions for their needs.

Adaptable to your school’s needs

Customise appraisal tools to your school's requirements and link individual objectives to whole school priorities.

Portfolio of evidence

Maintain all the evidence you need throughout the appraisal process to give a relevant pay recommendation, without having to navigate to a different system or through pages of paperwork.

Flexible, relevant reporting

Identify your best performing staff against professional standards to enable them to share best practice.

Keep track of the appraisal process as evidence to Ofsted on how you’re meeting and raising standards.

Access to pupil data

Appraisers have more time to observe as class information is pulled through onto the lesson observation form without the need for extra administration.