2021/2022 Service Definition

Site-Interconnect Solutions

About the Service

Our Site-interconnect solutions offer schools a fully managed service for interconnecting two or more school buildings or sites using either radio or fibre optic technology. It provides access to school ICT resources from each connected school building. These resources can include the CLEO connection, servers in school or Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone systems.

What are the benefits?

Using our site-interconnects schools can:

  • Share a single broadband connection across the school's Local Area Network (LAN), using site-interconnects between buildings. It removes the need to have multiple broadband connections.
  • Ensure students and teacher can access and use the same ICT resources and facilities on all connected sites.
  • Deliver the same user experience on all connected sites, for example ensure both sites have the same web filtering applied.
  • Reduce additional server costs, eliminating servers for smaller sites and reducing the need for server replication in larger ones.
  • Improve school ICT reliability by allowing schools to deliver high performance, high resilience server infrastructure over our highly resilient site interconnects.

What's Included?

Service Features

Feature Description


A link between school buildings, either on the same geographical site or for split-site schools using either exchange interconnects, radio or fibre optic technology, so that the school's ICT facilities are accessible in each building.


This service includes all active networking equipment to provide a live link with managed service monitoring, in the same way as your main broadband link.


Radio links use frequencies that avoid the need for additional license fees.