2023/2024 Service Definition

Technical Support Visits for Curriculum Networks

About the Service

Our Technical Support for Curriculum Networks service provides schools with 'scheduled' support by a skilled ICT Technician. The service is based on a mix of on-site and remote pre-scheduled sessions dependant on the demands of support required.

In addition, it includes an option to add our Curriculum Network Remote Support add-on to provide remotely delivered reactive support between the onsite technician visits.

What are the benefits?

The service helps ensure:

  • Your school's curriculum ICT systems and infrastructure are maintained without having to hire your own ICT staff. All our staff are supported with ongoing training and professional development, and we will offer a cover technician in the event of sickness absence.
  • That day-to-day tasks required to ensure ICT systems remain operational and reliable are addressed.
  • Your school has an appropriate level of ICT support. The service can cater for the smallest of schools, up to large primary and special schools.
  • Your school has access to multi-skilled technicians with experience in server management, client hardware, software installation and network troubleshooting.
  • In addition, your school will benefit from access to a wide range of ICT skills as our technicians have escalation routes to third line support engineers if required, who can assist them with specialist skills in specific areas of technology. This enhances the skills offered by our technician, while providing you with a cost-effective support service.
  • All our technicians are Enhanced DBS cleared.

What's Included?

Service Features

Our technicians are trained to support your school with a wide range of school ICT services. This table clarifies the services included:

IT Hardware:

  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Microsoft Servers
  • Tablets e.g. iPads, Chromebooks
  • Printers/MFDs
  • Projectors
  • Apple TV
  • Digital Cameras

Support of existing hardware:

  • Problem diagnosis and resolution
  • Relocation and reconfiguration
  • Installation of up to three laptops or desktops in any one visit.
  • Logging support requests against existing warranties.

If your school also subscribes to our SIMS Managed Service option and your technician has time left while on-site, you may ask them to assist with issues related to admin PCs.

Installation of up to three items of hardware of the appropriate specification in any one visit includes:

  • Unboxing, plug-in, desk setup, configuration.
  • Adding the device to a Wi-Fi or cabled network (subject to compatibility).
  • Internal third line escalation for technical advice.
  • Advice and guidance for suitable technology.
  • Installation of servers
  • Installation of more than three items in any one visit e.g. PCs, tablets, other devices or AV equipment (Larger roll outs can be quoted for as required).
  • Physical installation of fixed mounting brackets (i.e. drilling required) or construction of storage and charging units.
  • Provision of spare parts.
  • Provision of Consumables e.g. Network cables or printer cartridges.
  • Hardware disposal or recycling.
  • Working at heights which exceed two metres.
  • Support for printers on third party lease contracts.
  • Administration of MIS systems

ICT Software:

  • Microsoft Operating Systems (versions currently supported by Microsoft)
  • Microsoft Office Applications (versions currently supported by Microsoft)
  • iOS (versions currently supported by Apple)
  • ChromeOS (versions currently supported by Google)
  • Licensed software
  • Freeware
  • Anti-virus software

Support of existing software:

  • Re-configuration, problem diagnosis and resolution.
  • Third Party support call logging/ research.
  • Software uninstallation.


  • Installation of new software (subject to licensing, compatibility and suitability with hardware and operating systems).
  • Internal third line escalation for technical advice.
  • Advice for suitable software.
  • Excludes server software
  • Software purchase and licence purchases (please contact us for a quote).
  • Licence management and auditing.
  • Support for Management Information Systems, including SIMS
  • Installation and configuration of Anti-Virus software and virus removal is included in the service, however virus removal across multiple devices and rectification of any harm caused by a site-wide virus or malware infection may require additional chargeable visits.

Server Management:

Microsoft Windows Server (All Microsoft supported versions)

  • Basic server administration.
  • Adding, deleting and amending user and computer accounts.
  • Adding, deleting and amending access rights and permissions.
  • Management of client device settings using Group Policy.
  • Management of basic server operation to include DNS and DHCP.
  • Investigate issues in the system logs.
  • Confirming backup selections in our RBUSS backup.
  • Proactive maintenance of server operation.
  • Major server changes, installation or reinstallation.
  • Complex role changes e.g. SIMS, Remote access.

Network Infrastructure:

Network switches
  • Data point patching.
  • Cable management.
  • Installation of single replacement switches (subject to risk assessment).
  • Troubleshooting, diagnosis and resolution (minor issues only). Your technician will highlight to you if a major issue requires further investigation.
  • Internal third line escalation for technical advice.
  • Advice and guidance for suitable equipment.
  • Equipment purchases (please contact us for a quote).
  • Installation of multiple network switches and associated infrastructure in an environment using VLANs.
  • Installation of wall sockets (Data points), data cabinets, trunking and fixed cables.
  • Major re-cabling of data cabinets.
  • Troubleshooting and investigation of major LAN performance issues.
  • Support for Broadband equipment,
    Wi-Fi and VOIP/Wi-Fi systems, controllers, WAPs (see our separate support packages for these services).
  • Provision of spare parts.
  • Consumables e.g. cables.
  • Hardware disposal.
  • Working at heights.

Additional Support:

  • Dell Server Updates
  • Microsoft Updates
  • Dell Open Manage Essentials & Enterprise (DOME)
    DOME allows us to monitor your server hardware and to apply updates to firmware and drivers. Where possible, we will use DOME to monitor your server and proactively address imminent hardware failures before they occur, minimising disruption to schools. We will also update drivers and firmware on Dell servers helping maintain reliability and minimise disruption.
  • Provision of Microsoft Updates
    We will support checks to make sure your school's server, desktop and laptops are set to request Microsoft updates.
  • Pre-testing of Dell or Microsoft updates.


Routine Maintenance

Remote support of schools' infrastructure (annual or termly).


  • Checking and deploying windows updates
  • Checking event viewer for server alerts
  • Checking and actioning software updates
  • Housekeeping
    • SGD user accounts
    • AD user accounts
    • Office 365
    • Files and Folder Drives
  • Upgrade wi-fi access points and controllers
  • Call-outs for additional on-site routine maintenance (additional visits can be purchased on request).
  • Short notice rescheduling of scheduled visits.