SIMS and Power BI Data Analysis

What is Power BI?

Microsoft Power BI is a powerful data analytic tool which allows schools to view their student data metrics in a concise and easy to use Report. It presents complex data in meaningful and relevant formats which can be interrogated to identify patterns and trends.

Our solution utilises the Power BI cloud service which provides the benefit of viewing your data securely anywhere with a web connection. 

What are the benefits?

Have the power at your fingertips to see the effect individual student attendance has on your school.

Cross-interrogation of data to see how Exclusions are impacting your overall attendance figure.

Measure the impact of attendance strategies over time with individuals and key groups.

Create what-if scenarios to see how you could improve your school attendance.

Allows Attendance Managers, Pastoral Managers and Heads of Year to have effective conversations with students and parents.

Helps Senior Leaders to have well informed conversations with OFSTED.

Find out more about Power BI

We have created a Power BI Report Template which pulls existing data from your SIMS database. There is no duplication of data entry and all data conversion is done automatically by Power BI.

The template will provide you with a report to analyse and interpret your attendance and exclusion data, providing clarity to complex and difficult decision making in these areas.

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