2023/2024 Service Definition

Content Resources for Teachers

About the Service

Lancashire County Council Education Digital Services offers schools access to a range of online interactive educational classroom resources, as part of schools' subscription to our Broadband and Online Services Bundle.

These services support and enhance teaching and learning by providing access to national resources and downloads aligned to the curriculum. We also offer a range of discounted subscription services from Discovery Education, including Discovery Education Espresso, Coding and Health and Relationships.

What are the benefits?

The service provides the following:

  • Content that has been selected as suitable for school-aged pupils.
  • Resources to aid teachers' lesson planning.
  • Help for teachers to search for and create their own content.
  • Add additional value to your school's investment in ICT technology.

What's Included?

Service Features

For schools connected to our broadband service, as a NEN (National Education Network) connected school, you benefit from resources created by other regions around the UK. Some of these resources are restricted to schools who purchase our Broadband and Online Services Bundle and are not available outside school:

Resource Description

The NEN – National Education Network Resources


One of the membership benefits of NEN is the access to high quality teaching and learning resources.

Some examples of the excellent resources include:

All have been developed and/or funded by members of NEN and, in some cases, charities or key partner organisations have been involved.

Also available in the resources section of the NEN website are useful links for school staff/leaders, to resources from a range of organisations, covering issues such as online safety, bullying, citizenship and pupil wellbeing.

Many resources are open access for anyone to use. Others, marked ‘NEN only’, are for schools where the local authority is a member of the "NEN - the Education Network". These resources must be accessed from within your school network to validate the license.