2024/2025 Service Definition

Mobile Device Management (Lightspeed Systems)

About the Service

Mobile Device Manager (MDM) is a mobile device management (MDM) service provided by Lightspeed systems. This cloud-based technology enables school staff to manage mobile devices such as iPads, integrating them with Apple School Manager throughout the school. It helps teachers to ensure that students are using them effectively for learning.

What are the benefits?

  • Our MDM service enables school ICT coordinators and staff to centrally manage mobile devices such as iPads, without the need to configure every device individually.
  • Our MDM service works by using Apple School Manager to assign school devices to our MDM, ensuring devices are enrolled and configured.
  • With MDM you can wirelessly deploy apps and e-books, configure home screen layouts, find misplaced devices and manage dozens of other settings.
  • MDM makes it easier to ensure that devices have the right applications installed for the right group of learners, saving time and effort for ICT coordinators, IT staff and teachers.
  • MDM can assist with safeguarding pupils as devices can be wiped and reset remotely, if required.
  • MDM provides schools with a facility to manage the behaviour, settings and installed software on their Apple, Android and Microsoft mobile devices.
  • Using MDM offers an effective way to manage mobile devices, turning them from a consumer device into a powerful tool for teaching and learning.
  • Schools that also subscribe to our Technical Visits for Curriculum Networks service can receive support for their MDM service as part of that service.
  • Schools see MDM as an essential time-saving solution they cannot be without.

What's Included?

Service Features

Feature Description
User-friendly interface with multiple levels of administration This helps ensure that IT staff and classroom teachers are not overburdened with mobile device management, and everyone has the visibility and control they need.

Hierarchical controls

Enables the ability to set policies at the school, classroom, group and device level. Schools can set group-level policies and adjust sub-group policies on a granular level.

Simple device administration and configuration

  • Manage the installation of applications to multiple devices and monitor device status remotely.
  • Remote configuration and device wiping helps protect the safety of the network and students.
Multi-Operating System management Management functions are available in the software for Apple iOS, Android and Windows 11 (Please note our technicians only provide support for MDM on Apple iOS devices).
Integration with Apple School Manager Apple School Manager makes it simple to find, buy and distribute apps in bulk for your school. Provides an efficient way to manage apps purchased from the Apple store. For details of volume purchasing of Apps from Apple, visit: https://www.apple.com/uk/education/k12/how-to-buy/

Application Management

Application deployment and device lockdown can be managed by teachers and school ICT staff through the MDM web interface.


Access to Lightspeed Systems self-service information and guidance documents, including web links on using / setting up the service.

Lightspeed Systems MDM Support Documentation

MDM Licences

  • MDM licences are purchased on an annual subscription basis (extra licences can be added as required).
  • Please check the number of licences on your subscription carefully (the use of additional licences will be chargeable).
  • We recommend purchasing enough licences at SLA renewal each year to cover your requirements for the coming year).

MDM Setup Service
(Optional Extra)

  • Enrol iPads into MDM
  • Setup Wi-Fi profiles
  • Deploy applications
  • Configure devices

MDM Support Service (Optional Extra - Technical Support for Curriculum Network customers only)

Schools that also subscribe to our Technical Visits for Curriculum Networks service can receive the following MDM support features inclusive within that service.

  • Application deployment
  • Enablement or disablement of device features
  • Remote wipe on request (where possible)
  • Support school in enrolling devices (only available during scheduled visits as part of the Technical Support for Curriculum Networks service)