2022/2023 Service Definition

SIMS Consultancy

About the Service

The SIMS Consultancy service provides a wide range of specialist consultancy services to complement the use of SIMS or FMS6 in schools. This on-demand service is available to any school either on-site or remotely.

Consultancy Services Available

What are the benefits?

Your school's management information system (MIS) is an invaluable tool to help drive improvement across your school; helping you analyse your pupil premium spend and provide comprehensive evidence for inspections.

We can help you achieve this with SIMS, with support from our consultancy solutions.

  • As a new Headteacher or as a member of staff you may ask "Where do I start?". Even after introductory SIMS training, you may still need advice on how to apply your new skills to your school’s particular circumstances; or you may want to develop these skills further within your school environment.
  • Lancashire County Council Education Digital Services can support you in implementing new ways of working and reaching that goal through assisted setup services and consultancy sessions.
  • There may also be occasions when a crucial member of staff is unexpectedly absent from school at a critical time of the year. Our expert SIMS consultants can support you during these times*, whether it is creating your timetable, applying it to SQL or setting up your new academic year in SIMS.
  • This service provides customised support, advice or guidance specific to your school's business requirements and needs, enabling you to maximise the use of SIMS and the data it holds. This can reduce the burden on school staff, reduce costs and improve efficiency with school office procedures and SIMS maintenance.
  • By using our SIMS Consultancy services you can be assured you are providing the very best support and guidance for your staff, especially if they are new to their role.
  • Consultancy sessions can be delivered remotely or on-site for schools in the North-West.

What's Included?

Service Features

The SIMS Consultancy Service is charged on an hourly basis. We will provide a quote for the service following the initial telephone consultation to establish your school's requirements.

Feature Description

Initial Consultation

(by telephone) 

To assess the school's business requirements and provide a no obligation quote for costs and timescale for delivery. 
Review Consultation  Should a subsequent consultation session be required, we will discuss how the consultancy work is progressing and address any queries that may have arisen since the previous consultation. 
Consultancy Sessions  Upon signing up for a consultancy service, a session with a SIMS consultant will be arranged to address your school's business requirements. See pricing table for list of available sessions. 

Additional Information

How do I make a booking?

Please contact EducationDigitalServices@Lancashire.gov.uk to arrange a booking. 

Is there anything I need to have in place before I can use this service?

Yes, the school will need to have SIMS or FMS6 operational on a SIMS server hosted within the school, in order to utilise this service. 

How many consultancy hours are included as part of this service?

This is dependent on the school's requirements. A no obligation quote for costs and timescale for delivery are provided following an initial consultation. 

Are training services also available?

Lancashire County Council's Learning and Development Team provides a range of face-to-face training courses at its training centre in Lancashire. These are open to all schools, including those outside Lancashire. Contact skillslearninganddevelopment@lancashire.gov.uk for more information.